Little By Little

He read the text over again: come to the movies with us! a group of us are going. itll be nice!

He dropped his phone onto his bed with a sigh. He sat next to it and rested his elbows on his knees, using his palms to rub his eyes as he considered the offer. He hadn’t left his home in a couple days, and in his mind he knew that socializing would be the best thing to do – but his heart just refused to comply.

It had been a week since he lost his mother to cancer. Even though he knew her ultimate end was coming, it still hit him really hard. Since then he just hasn’t felt the same. Life hasn’t felt the same. Each morning felt strange; coming into the kitchen only to be greeted with her absence. It was strange to drive somewhere without her and not get texts from her that asked if he made it there okay. It was like his world suddenly had a gaping hole.

He understood that that hole would close, with time. He knew that day by day that hole would shrink a little more, and a little more, and a little more. He also knew that it wouldn’t close completely, but once it stopped shrinking it wouldn’t hurt so much to have it there. But knowing this didn’t stop his current pain from taking over his life.

His phone buzzed. andrew? are you there?

He stared at the dim screen. He stared at the blinking cursor awaiting his reply. He honestly didn’t want to say yes, but he didn’t have the strength to type out another sad response about how he just wasn’t feeling up to it.

hey. i know its tough right now. really really tough. but i also know that youll be able to get through it. and we want to help you along the way. let us help, please? i know a movie won’t do much, but itll at least distract you for a moment. itll take you away.

Through tearful, blurry eyes he read the message several times. His heart swelled over the thought of how supportive his friends were.

thank you so much guys. He began typing. His fingers paused for a moment . . .

ill head out in a minute. what movie are we seeing?



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