Tragedy in the Night

She woke to a loud thud that sounded from downstairs. Through her groggy eyes she looked at the time to see it was 5:27 AM. Her anxiety jolted her wide awake – she could feel something wasn’t right.

Quickly she ran downstairs to the kitchen where the sound seemed to have came from. She flipped on the light and glanced around, but the kitchen looked the exact same since she went to bed. Her head jerked to the side when she heard moaning from the living room.

For a moment she hesitated, scared to see who the moaning was coming from, but she quickly realized the moaning was from someone in pain. She raced into the living room, skidding to a stop once she found her mother sprawled out on the carpet beside the small coffee table.

She instantly rushed to her mothers side, asking her if she was okay, if she could understand her, and begging her to speak. Her mother only replied with more moaning, each one growing in intensity. The daughter gently tugged on her mothers body in an attempt to find where the pain was coming from.

She noticed blood quickly oozing from under her mothers body. Surprised she hadn’t noticed it before; she turned her mother onto her side to find a deep gash in between her shoulder blades. A sharp gasp escaped her lips before she could hold it back. “I-is it bad?” her mother cried out in between winces.

She didn’t know how to respond. She didn’t want to alarm her mother with the truth, but she surely didn’t want to lie. Instead she searched for the cause of the wound. Once she began looking she immediately noticed something different about the coffee table her mother was by: the corner was scuffed up with blood.

“I’m going to call an ambulance!” she exclaimed as she raced to her phone in her room. Although it hurt every cell living inside her to leave her mother alone, she knew it was the best thing to do.

The words spilled from her mouth as soon as the operator answered. “My mother – Jane Williams – is hurt! She fell and is bleeding really bad!” Anxiously she paced from wall to wall as the operator directed her through a series of short questions, gaining as much information about the situation as she could in a short time. She could hear her mothers pain growing even more intense as the operator informed her that an ambulance was on it’s way.


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