Meeting With Someone Unexpected

Can I tell you something sort of…personal? Maggie typed on her phone. She was messaging a friend – an internet friend. They had been talking for weeks now, and although Maggie felt pretty close to her she was still worried about sharing personal information and stories. The girls didn’t know each other’s real names or where in the world they were located because of this.

Of course! Her friend replied. Her account name was ‘Moonchild’ (Maggie’s was SunsetDreams), so that’s what Maggie knew her as. However Maggie liked to refer to her as ‘Moonie.’

Okay, Maggie began typing, her fingers shook. This was some of the first personal information she had ever shared with Moonie, well..there’s this girl at school. She’s been sort of mean to me. Idk what to do.

Moonchild, as usual, was quick to reply. That’s really sucky!! How long has that been happening?

Idrk..we’ve never really been friends. Never even talked ig. But recently she’s started to bug me by saying borderline rude things at me. It’s not super bad, it’s just enough to make me uncomfortable.

😦 Maybe you could confront her? Ask her to stop or talk to her about why she’s been acting like that.

I suppose I could give that a shot. Idk, confrontation makes me nervous lol

Hah, dw about it. Take a deep breath and push through!

🙂 Thanks. I’ve gotta go. I’ll let you know how things turn out!

Yes! Keep me updated!!

Maggie smiled at the screen as she shut off her phone. For a minute she held it to her chest, thinking over the conversation and making a small plan of action. She breathed deep and held it for a while, hoping she had the confidence to pull through.


The lunch bell rang, grabbing every student’s attention. They all scrambled out of their classrooms, rushing to be one of the first to get their food. Maggie flowed along with the crowd, meeting up with a friend on the way. They talked and giggled on their way to the lunchroom, parting ways after filling their trays – Maggie’s friend left to find a spot for two.

Casually Maggie began walking to the condiments table, but froze half way there. Tara, Maggie’s sort-of-bully, was standing at the table chatting with a couple friends. Maggie took a deep breath, gulping down her apprehension.

Slowly she approached the table. Once in reach, she lightly tapped Tara’s arm to get her attention. She turned to Maggie, causing Maggie’s stomach to drop.

“Hey,” Maggie nervously began, “um, I want to tell you that I don’t like how you’ve been talking to me. I want you to stop.”

Tara didn’t respond for what felt like several agonizing hours. She raised her eyebrows at Maggie, seemingly surprised that Maggie was even talking to her.

“Hm, guys?” Tara said as she turned to the two friends she had been talking with. “Do you think I’ve been saying rude things to Maggie here?” They both shook their heads. Tara turned back to Maggie with a taunting smile. “I think I agree with my friends here. There’s nothing wrong with how I’ve been talking to you at all.”

Maggie stood with her eyes wide. This wasn’t really a response she expected – and definitely not one she knew how to react to.

Zara huffed out a small laugh. “Go enjoy your lunch” she said as she and her friends walked away.


Maggie heard her phone buzz from her desk. She was on her bed, working on homework that had been assigned that day. She turned it on to find a message from Moonchild on the screen. How’d it go?

Maggie sighed as she opened the chat. Not so great.


Yeah…I told her I didn’t like how she was talking to me, and she said she didn’t find anything wrong with how she was acting. She even had a couple friends with her and they supported her. It really sucked.

Maggie saw the ‘read’ notification pop up below her message, but it took Moonchild a few seconds longer to reply than usual.

You there? Maggie asked.

Yeah, sorry. Moonchild replied. I was just thinking about my school day, I sort of had the same type of conversation with someone today

Weird.. wanna talk about it?

Nah, it’s whatever. Just a strange coincidence probably lol. Anyway, I’m sorry that didn’t go so well. I wish I could take you out for ice cream or something to make you feel better!!

That would be great, haha! There’s actually a really good ice cream place in my town called Cream Shop. If only we could meet there.

No way! There’s a place with the same name in the town I live by!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….. Maggie said. The coincidences between her and Moonchild made her curious. She wanted to know if Moonchild could possibly be in the same town as her, but didn’t know how to ask. Luckily she didn’t have to, because the next message from Moonchild read: You don’t happen to live in Springfield, do you?

I DO! Is that the one close to you????





5 minutes later Maggie walked through the Cream Shop door. She began walking toward a seat in the corner; it was one she and Moonchild agreed on.

Maggie was nervous, but the person she saw sitting in that spot made her nerves hundreds of times worse.

Tara sat in the booth, quietly playing with her phone. Before Tara could see her Maggie rushed to a booth that was somewhat hidden. Quickly she grabbed her phone and sent a message to Moonchild, Uhmmm we have a problem – my bully (of sorts) is sitting in our spot!

Moonchild responded within seconds. WHAT! I don’t even see her and I’m in our spot! Are you sure it’s our spot? Maybe you’re looking at the wrong one…

Maggie did a quick scan of the room around her, but no one else was even sitting in a corner. Yep, Im very very VERY sure that’s our spot she typed. She hit send, and was surprised to hear someone else’s phone go off right after. She assumed it was a coincidence, but sent another message ‘svjoeiv’ just in case.

Again, someone’s phone immediately went off. “No.. it can’t be” Maggie thought to herself as she sent another meaningless message to Moonchild. Maggie watched Tara carefully. She watched Tara’s phone immediately go off. She watched Tara scrunch her eyebrows together as if she just read a message that didn’t make sense. She watched as Tara’s fingers danced across her screen, typing a response. She felt her own phone buzz, reading Moonchild’s message: Do you see something else or something?? Your messages aren’t making sense.

Maggie unsteadily rose from the booth, begging her legs to carry her to Tara’s table. She clutched her phone in her hand as she approached Tara. Tara noticed Maggie next to her. She opened her mouth, but Maggie spoke before she did. “Moonchild?” Maggie asked.

The color flooded out of Tara’s face. “SunsetDreams . . .” she whispered.


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