I Only Need Him [short story inspired by music]

TRIGGER WARNING: this passage contains reference to substances which may be triggering to those with a history of substance abuse.

Today I tested out another Pinterest prompt:

lyric prompt.jpg

Since I’ve been listening to it so much, I used High Enough by K.Flay for this prompt. My result was less of a story, more of an internal monologue, which sorrrta breaks the rules of this prompt? But, as one of my favorite writing quotes says: “learn the rules, and then let’s have fun breaking them together.” So, here’s my product:


My life was different, before I met him. Words never came so easy until now. I used to beg for them to come to mind, using liquor to convince their arrival. Now I just need to see him, be with him, talk to him, or even just think of him and they come racing forward. I can’t seem to get them out fast enough.

Sometimes, the world gets to me. All the nasty, insane, absurd things that’s been and is being done. My first resort was pills. Oh, those pills. They took me away – so far away. I don’t need them anymore. He is my comfort; my sweet relief.  His soothing tone takes me away from the world as we talk on the way to Neverland. I know the drugs are still there, hiding in their spot under the bathroom sink. I let them sit there, wasting away. They’re now my last resort, as long as I have him.

People talk. They say we won’t last. Their words drive my mind out of the state he’s put it in. I don’t like it. I don’t like their words, those thoughts. I don’t see what they say –  I don’t want to. When I think of him and I, I don’t see this road coming to an end; I see tomorrows. I see him and I travelling the word, conquering our dreams. The stars are the limit.


I really like this prompt! It can be used so many times, for so many different songs. I also like that it basically lets you describe your personal interpretation of a song in story-form, which can sometimes be both a simpler and easier way to organize your thoughts than explaining the meaning to someone.

Have you tried this prompt, or are you planning to? Let me know in the comments! Or, if there’s a certain prompt that you really like and want others to try, suggest it to me! I really appreciate interacting with others about writing 🙂


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