Sips of Sorrow [short story inspired by lyrics]

I’ve been having some trouble coming up with what to write lately, so today I decided to look at different writing prompts on Pinterest. I found a variety of different prompts that I would like to eventually try, but today I experimented with this prompt:

paragraph prompt.jpg

I have a lot of favorite songs, but it always takes a while for them to come to mind; so I ended up settling with:

High Enough  – K.Flay| last word: “you”

Voodoo Doll  – 5 Seconds of Summer| last word: “death”

Hear Me – Imagine Dragons | last word: “too”

Misery – The Maine | last word: “misery”

Black Chandelier – Biffy Clyro | last word: “chandelier”

And, here’s the outcome of my paragraph:


In a house on a hill, there’s a chandelier. The chandelier luminously hovers above the dining room table. Everyone seated around the table quietly wallows in their misery. The mother pretends her pain isn’t real. The son forces a smile as if he wasn’t bullied and pushed around school every day. The father hums a tune as he pours everyone another drink, masking his desire for death. “Margaret would you like a refill?” he asks his wife. A hopeful glimmer shines in her eye as she agrees for more of the liquid. As soon as her glass is full to the brim she begins to drink, hoping the substance will once again dull her pain. “Can I have some too?” their son asks. The father huffs out a laugh. “Oh, my dear boy. Only those full of sorrow crave something as rotten as this.” The son obediently obliged, when really he wholly knew why people drank the cursed substance – and he wholly knew that he deserved some too.


It goes without saying that my paragraph came out a bit dark – which is a direction I hadn’t planned on going – but what do you expect when it’s mandatory to include the words “death” and “misery”?

Have you tried this prompt, or something similar? Let me know! I would love to read it, if you’re willing to let me! And – let me know if you have any prompt suggestions!


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