What Happened to Junior?

This was an assignment I had in a Creative Writing class I took. It was called “Ordeal by Cheque”, we had to decipher multiple checks written out and see if we could find a story line within them. This was my final interpretation. Enjoy!

“Im going out.” Lawrence informed Marie.

“Again?” Marie, Lawrence’s wife, complained.

“I know, I know. Im sorry.” Lawrence meekly apologized. He felt guilty but knew he had to leave soon.  Lawrence swiftly grabbed his jacket and car keys from the table. He then pecked Marie on the cheek and walked out the door.

Marie calmly walked to the kitchen window to watch Lawrence drive away. After waiting a few moments after his car left their neighborhood street she went to the phone. Quickly she dialed and after a couple rings a deep voice answered. She lowered her voice. “Hey. It’s me again. I need to see you.”


“Thanks for letting me stop by, boys.” Marie said with a smirk.

“No problem.” John Walker replied.

Behind John, his brother, Mark, paced from wall to wall of the small room. He shifted his glasses and opened Marie’s file to scan it over.

“You’ve scanned that a thousand times.” John stated.

“I just want to make sure I’ve looked over everything.” Mark rebutted.

“That’s fine.” Marie assured Mark. “But, really, I need you to go to my husband. I think he’s been visiting someone a lot and I think it may have something to do with our son, Lawrence Junior. I haven’t seen or heard from Junior in weeks.”

John nodded his head. “Yes Marie, we’ll head to Lawrence right now. You can go back home and wait for us to call you with any answers we might find.”


Lawrence pulled up to the abandoned building. Right when he entered through the doorway he was met by a man casually leaning against a wall.

“Tony,” Lawrence said sternly. “You said you’d bring Junior back.”

Tony laughed. “I know.”

Lawrence frowned. “Then where is he.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve kept my end of the promise, he’s around.”

Lawrence looked skeptical “Where? I don’t understand.”

“You’ll understand soon. That is, if you’ve kept your end of the bargain.”

Lawrence pulled his checkbook out of his pocked and ripped out a page to hand to Tony. Tony snatched it out of Lawrence’s hand to look it over. “Good.” He said with a smile.

“Now, that’s four payments. Return my son.”

“Y’know how I said he was around?” Tony smirked. “Well maybe you should try searching the hospital.” Tony began to laugh again as Lawrence ran to his car.

“Hey . . . there he is!” Mark exclaimed, pointing through the windshield at Lawrence. John shifted the car into drive as they followed his vehicle.

“Call Marie.” John commanded Mark. “Tell her that he’s headed to the hospital.”


Lawrence burst into the hospital. Huffing, he asked the receptionist if there was a Lawrence Exeter in the building. She confirmed that there was before giving him the room and floor number to go to.

As Lawrence ran to the elevator John, Mark, and Marie simultaneously entered into the building. They quickly walked to the receptionist but before they could ask her any questions Marie caught a glimpse of Lawrence running down the hallway. The Walkers followed her lead and caught the same elevator he did.

“Lawrence!” Marie exclaimed as she stepped onto the elevator.


“Where’s our son? What happened to him?”

Lawrence opened his mouth to answer but the elevator doors opened and everyone quickly shuffled out.

“He’s in room 213.” Lawrence stated.

As they approached the room Marie was the first to see Junior lying in one of the beds. She ran to his side to find him badly bruised and broken.

“Junior?” she asked softly.

Junior slowly turned to face the group. As he was about to reply Dr. David entered and began to explain. Before he could finish he was interrupted by a loud continuous beep. Everyone turned to find that Juniors heart stopped beating.


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