This is the beginning to a story that I am in the process of writing. So far I’ve been very slow at adding on to it, (at the moment I’m 13 pages in! Which, to me at least, sounds like a good amount but I started in November so I think if I was more determined to add to it I would be a lot farther.) but I do have a general idea of how I want the story to go. I don’t have a title for it, either, but in my computer it’s saved as ‘Desolation’ because originally it was only going to be this first page I’m sharing – but then it escalated into a whole story idea! Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

The earth is desolate. The only thing I hear is the sound of my own breathing and footsteps as I wander through deserted neighborhoods. These houses, they used to be full of people. Families. Families who loved and cared for each other.

As I walk I can almost hear them in my imagination. In my head I see these beautifully diverse people interacting both amongst themselves and with each other. There are jokes and laughter. Small children play together outside on the grass while their older siblings hang out at the curb having colorful conversations.

It’s bewildering to me how everything has changed. I stop in the middle of the street to look around. I see an abandoned dog house next to an old swing set. I close my eyes for a second to envision what breed of dog resided in this small home. In my imagination I see the dog bound out of his home, joyously sprinting to its owner as they emerge from their vehicle. The dog wags his tail in excitement as his owner pats him on the head. Although the dog seems to be at his peak, he gets even happier as the back doors of the vehicle open to reveal a baby. The owner somewhat calms the dog as he cradles the infant in his hands. Slowly the owner crouches to let the dog sniff and welcome the child in his own way.

I reopen my eyes, taking me back to reality.  Coming back to the worn out dog house that remains vacant before me. With a sigh, I continue walking. I walk for a long while, taking my time to examine the empty houses and yards from the street, before reaching my destination. I’m on a pier, heading towards the edge of it. I stop and rest my arms on the railing for a minute; taking in my surroundings. It’s a beautiful scene. To my right I see lakeshore homes. Some homes have their own personal docks and boats resting in the water, seeming to be waiting to be used once again. To my left is town. I can see multiple shops and store buildings, each with their own individual look and titles. And finally, directly in front of me I see the sun on the horizon. It’s beginning to sink itself seemingly into the lake; soon it will cast a variety of awe inspiring colors across the water top.

I bring my attention back to the spot of the pier I’m standing on. I take a deep breath and gaze into the water. It’s murky and dark – but still wonderful in its own magical way. I take off my jacket and drop it onto the wooden boards of the pier. Chills lightly surge through my body and I raise my hands to my opposing arms for some warmth. The cold feeling reminds me that I am alive. I am breathing, my heart beating. I remove my hands from their positions and sturdily grab the railing in front of me. With some effort I hoist myself up so that I am standing, balancing at the edge. Then, I jump.


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