Lazy Morning

She laid in bed for a while more, knowing she won’t have to be up yet. She observed the morning rays of sunshine filtering through her blinds, filling her room with a soft light. But, sadly, the quiet morning didn’t last much longer. After hearing a loud but muffled moan coming from the living room she groaned as she slowly pushed the covers from her body.

Entering into the living room she was greeted by a familiar sleepy smile, causing her own smile to spread. “Hey babe, you’re smiley this morning.”  She said as she wrapped her little girl in a hug. “What are you doing out of your bed?”

She picked her up and carried her across the house back into her ‘big girl’ bed. After laying her down she laid beside her, pulling the covers back up. Once their chilly bodies were again enveloped in warmth she pulled her darling daughter closer; then closed her eyes and they both drifted back to sleep.



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