Hi! I am WriterOfShorts!

Recently I’ve realized that writing is something that I really really enjoy, and this has caused me to write multiple stories in the past year. (It still feels like it’s not enough, however.)

I felt the name WriterOfShorts would be fitting because the stories I write tend to be short stories, and recently I haven’t been writing a lot so I consider myself a writer – of sorts.

These stories have been piling up, and I feel they should be shared – so I decided to open a blog for them!

Not only have I opened this blog so they could be read by other eyes than my own, I’ve also opened this blog because I would really really like feedback on what I write!

I could just share what I’ve written with friends and get feedback from them, but, personally, that causes a lot more anxiety on me compared to if someone I’m not very familiar with read them. So for me I felt like this was a better option.

I hope you enjoy what I write and I’m looking forward to reading any feedback on them!


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